microtube homogeniser?

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> I'm posting a request from a colleague. He is looking for a
> supplier/manufacturer of homogeniser pestles designed to fit
> eppendorf tubes which he remembers having used previously in
> the U.S.
> Any ideas? Thanks,
> Jeremy Sternberg, Dept of Zoology, Aberdeen University, Scotland
> <j.sternberg at uk.ac.aberdeen>

The best source is to manufacture your own.  We put about 250ul of epoxy
or other resin in a 1.5 ml eppi tube.  Before this hardens, we insert
a small headless nail (brad) that has been hammered into the end of a wooden
dowel.  This serves as a handle.

There are two advantages.  

1: cheap.  
2: guaranteed to fit the brand of eppi tubes that you buy, not a generic
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