RAPD-L (second announcement)

farmerj at yvax.byu.edu farmerj at yvax.byu.edu
Fri Jan 24 19:11:43 EST 1992

Friday 24 January 1992

This is an updated and, hopefully, clearer announcement about the RAPD-L forum which
was announced a few weeks ago.

RAPD-L at BYUVM is a LISTSERV forum for anyone who is using RAPD
(Randomly Amplified Polymorphic DNA, Williams et al., 1990, Nucl.
Acids Res. 18:6531-6535).  It has been set up on the VM at
Brigham Young University.

RAPD-L has been set up as a public forum with no moderation.
When you send a message to RAPD-L at BYUVM it will be distributed to
all of the other subscribers.

Information and questions on any use of RAPD is appropriate for
this forum.  Please let others know about it.  The information
below should be sufficient to allow you to add your name to the
subscriber list.

Please note that all commands concerning your subscription to
RAPD-L, access to old messages, information on subscribers, etc.
should be sent to LISTSERV at BYUVM.  Only messages which are to be
distributed to all subscribers should be sent to RAPD-L at BYUVM.

To subscribe send "SUB RAPD-L userid" to LISTSERV at BYUVM.  If you
need more explicit directions, see the addendum at the end of
this message.

You may leave the list by sending a "SIGNOFF RAPD-L" command to

The amount of acknowledgement you wish to receive from this list
upon completion of a mailing operation can be changed by sending
a "SET RAPD-L option" command to LISTSERV at BYUVM, where "option"
may be either "ACK" (mail acknowledgement), "MSGACK" (interactive
messages only) or "NOACK".

You can obtain a list of the available archive files by sending
an "INDEX RAPD-L" command to LISTSERV at BYUVM. These files can be
retrieved by means of a "GET RAPD-L filetype" command, or by
using the database search facilities of LISTSERV.  Send an "INFO
DATABASE" command for more information on the latter.

It is possible to obtain a list of subscribers and their network
addresses by sending the "REVIEW RAPD-L" command to
LISTSERV at BYUVM.  If you do not wish your name to be available to
others, send a "SET RAPD-L CONCEAL" command to LISTSERV at BYUVM.

If you have any trouble with the addresses given above, you may
wish to try addressing your commands and messages to

James L. Farmer
Department of Zoology
571 WIDB
Brigham Young University
Provo, Utah 84602, USA

(801) 378-2153 (OFFICE)
(801) 378-7499 (FAX)


For those of you who know even less than I about computer
networks, here is a detailed explanation of how I would subscribe
to RAPD-L.  You may have to change some things if your computer
displays things in a different format or if you use bitnet
exclusively.  Sending other commands would be done in a similar
way.  My computer prompts are given to the left of the colon or
inequality sign (>), my responses are given to the right of the
colon or the inequality sign (>), and my comments are given in

MAIL> send
     To: in%"listserv at byuvm"
     Subject:[leave this field completely blank]
     Message:sub rapd-l farmerj at yvax.byu.edu[send the mail]

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