Taq Ligase and LDR

Dan Diaz bl275 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu
Fri Jan 24 11:25:51 EST 1992

Andrew Walley asked:
Des anyone have any idea where I can obtain Taq Ligase, or any other
thermostable ligase suitable for the Ligase Detection Reaction described
by F. Barany (PNAS 88:189-193). Does anyone have any experience of this
technique - how suitable is it for large-scale screening of a gene for
common mutations ?

Ampligase is a thermostable DNA ligase distributed in the US by
Epicentre Technologies (Madison WI).  The advertisement I saw did
not indicate if the enzyme is isolated from Thermus aquaticus, but
if you're simply looking for a thermostable enzyme, it might suit
your purposes.
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