Gene Fusions

Peter M. Muriana muriana at
Fri Jan 24 10:14:27 EST 1992

Dear Bionetters,

Do any of you know of transposable constructs for Gram-positive bacteria 
capable of examining gene <<expression>>.  

I am looking for something similar to the (promoterless) LacZ gene fusions 
or TnphoA systems that have been so useful for examining expression of 
virulence-related genes in Gram-negative bacteria.

I know of a host of transposons available for Gram-positive organisms (
Tn916, Tn917, Tn1545, etc.), but I'm looking for one which could be used to
assess expression of the gene into which it is inserted.

If anyone could be of assistance I thank-you.

    Name: murianap
Internet: muriana at
   Phone: 317-494-8284

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