Ericomp (favorable opinion)

Donald J Roufa droufa at
Fri Jan 17 15:00:01 EST 1992

farmerj at writes:

>Perhaps my experienc has led me to a minority viewpoint, but we have been very
>please with our Ericomp Twin Block thermal cycler.  Aside from some problems
>with static charge (it is very dry here) which are now fixed, it has worked very
>well.  Ericomp has always been very good about providing help and service,
>even after the warranty period.

	I just wanted to add my agreement with the above statement.
We have used an Ericomp Twin Block Thermal Cycler for about two years
and have found it (and the Ericomp Company) to be quite dependable.
In fact, they have quickly and effectively responded to all of our
initial questions and provided updated ROMs for the the instrument
when we first set it up.  Based on my lab's experience, I would
strongly recommend the Ericomp Twinblock Thermal Cycler to other

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