Recomb. DNA inventory stack

peter maitland bell pmb2 at
Fri Jan 10 20:49:06 EST 1992

Pearse Ward recently posted for an ftp site for a DNA hypercard stack.  
I recently pulled one down off of;  I think you should 
have no trouble navigating their system.  For those who haven't used this site,
there is a lot of good but little very new software on it. They maintain both
Mac and PC biology and other science software.  Transfer in ascii format;  the
mac stuff typically requires that you have binhex 4.0 and Unstuffit and Compact
Pro (I think there was cpt stuff at indiana).  The PC stuff will require you 
to use pkunpak, pkunzip and sometimes uudecode at the unix end of your ftp,
before you move it to your PC.  I know that the PC decompression stuff is 
either there or at ncsa;  I forget where the mac decompression stuff is, but 
certainly if it isn't at indiana, it would be at  

Now, I don't know that the hypercard stack I got is the one you referred to,
Pearse, but the site is worth checking out.  If I get enough requests, I will
post a sample ftp session to the newsgroup so you can check it out.  I might 
have it in a short file suitable for email as well;  I can make one if anyone
needs it.

Beware, though:  ftp is addictive and time consuming.  Also, you should have
virus protection software available to vet anything you bring in before you 
run it on your system, though no one I know has downloaded a virus--they are
more common in commercial software since site managers can vet things before
they put them up.

Peter Bell
pmb2 at

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