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Fri Jan 10 03:29:34 EST 1992

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>         We are thinking to buy the Air-gel drying system from HOEFER. This
> apparatus dries acrylamide gels in a flow of warm air.
>         I would like to know if some of you, in the network have experience
> on using this material. Is there any tricks ? Is the result of drying as
> good as announced in the ad?

We recently had one of these demonstrated in our lab, and concluded that it is 
absolutely no better than sandwiching the gel between two sheets of cellophane 
soaked in dH20, taping the sandwich firmly to a glass plate and standing the
plate in a draught (e.g. in a hood) for 24 Hrs.  Be sure to relax the gel O/N 
in 20% MeOH, 3% glycerol O/N beforehand to avoid cracks (good procedure for all

Try this old method before shelling out lots of dosh to Hoeffer, and I think 
you will find that their kit is just a **very** expensive hair-dryer!

Anthony Davies
Institute of Virology
Oxford UK

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