Fluorometers and fluorometric analysis

Dr Tan Tin Wee bchtantw at nuscc.nus.sg
Mon Jan 13 06:47:05 EST 1992

Dear netters,

Our department is assessing a request from a staff member for the     
purchase  of a piece of equipment costing $100,000.  This item
is a multifrequency cross-correlation phase and modulation fluorometer
the ISS K2 (tm) machine which does lifetime measurements, modulation
measurement, photon counting, phosphorescence measurement, T-format
geometry, cross-correlation phase and modulation fluormetric analysis.

As none of us besides the new colleague who is requesting this
machine knows much about fluorometric analytical instruments of
this order of sophistication,  I have been asked by the departmental
to put out a posting requesting comments from anyone who knows about

a) performance and reliability of this or other similar fluorometers
b) any alternative cheaper sources
c) your experience with the ISS company, 309 Windsor Rd.
  Champaign, Ill 61820 which suppliers this US$0.1M fluorometer
  in terms of user support, service, speed of delivery, etc. . 

Any advice or comments or pointers will be greatly appreciated.
If there is a general interest, I will summarise and repost.
Thanking all in advance.


Tan Tin Wee
Department of Biochemistry
National University of Singapore
Kent Ridge, SIngapore 0511.        bchtantw at nuscc.nus.sg

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