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Dennis J. Templeton djt2 at po.CWRU.Edu
Thu Jan 9 17:41:41 EST 1992

In a previous article, GRIENEN at MEDOC.U-STRASBG.FR () says:

>from J.M GRIENENBERGER             TEL  (33) 88 41 72 40
>IBMP                                               72 37
>12 RUE DU GENERAL ZIMMER           FAX  (33) 88 61 44 42
>        Strasbourg, January 9th, 1992
>        Bonjour a tous,
>        We are thinking to buy the Air-gel drying system from HOEFER. This
>apparatus dries acrylamide gels in a flow of warm air.

This "device" seems like a major waste of money.  We air dry gels all the
time, using a piece of plastic about 2cm bigger on all sides than the gel. 
Sandwich the wet gel between two wet sheets of cellophane (ours is from
Biolabs, in their gel-drying section of the catalog; I'd be interested if
folks know of a cheaper source) then smooth the sandwich on the plastic
piece, and use binder clips all around to hold the cellophane taut.  Put a
fan on the sandwich if you're in a hurry; a 1mm gel will dry in an hour or

By the way, we first thought that we could use the glass gel plates for
this; it worked once, then the second time the sandwich stuck to the glass
and cracked.  There is no problem with the plastic sheet.

good luck

save a buck
(for science)


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