Vector sequences in GenBank

David Kristofferson kristoff at
Thu Jan 2 14:05:56 EST 1992

> I guess David
> Kristofferson or some other soul at GenBank ought to comment on this,
> since there is the possibility that commercially available vector
> sequences may not be allowed on GenBank.  I hope this isn't the
> case.

Actually I'll cc Paul Gilna for the latest official response from Los
Alamos on this.  Previously, "artificially constructed" sequences were
not included in GenBank, but there has been ongoing debate about this
policy.  NCBI intends to include all sequences from the published
literature, but I'm not exactly sure how vector sequences (especially
commercial ones that may not have been formally published) will be
handled.  I'll cc Jim Ostell on this too.  Jim and Paul, please reply
to methods at instead of to the GenBank bulletin board.

Thanks and Happy New Year!


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