pGEM-3Zf(+) sequence

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>>I suppose it would be nice if someone would get this
>>disk and put it on and  I have the
>>sequences for Stratagene's Bluescript and Bluescribe vectors which I will
>>try to get in the archives sometime this week.

>How about we get these into GenBank, where they belong!!!  Solve the problem
>once for everybody on the planet.  Since the plasmids are widely used, it hurts
>everybody if they are not there. ;

...stuff deleted

>Would you (Donald Lehn) like to call up Stratagene and get them to send their
>stuff directly to GenBank?  Any other companies that could be alerted?
>  Tom Schneider

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The sequences for Stratagene's older Bluescript vectors (pBluescript KS+ &
pBluescript KS-) already reside in the VecBase database under the names
Blueksp:vecbase and blueksm:vecbase. However I didn't look for the newer 
pBluescript vectors nor Bluescribe. 

I was trying to find the coordinates for the various genes, ori's, etc., 
to place into a plasmid drawing program, however, the documentation 
refers you to another plasmid (I think M13 or pUB110) whose 
documentation refers you again back to pBR322.  Too bad they don't 
include the coordinates for the current plasmid and not the
parent plasmid! 

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