Thermocycling machines

Richard J. Hoffmann rjhoffma at
Fri Jul 31 14:03:56 EST 1992

In a somewhat different vein, I have a Barnstead/Thermolyne TempTronic
in my lab on demo.  Is there anyone out there with experience with this
machine who would like to comment?  If the machine is unfamiliar, it
uses compressor-based technology for temperature control, and it comes 
in 36 well (0.5ml tubes) and 48 well (0.25ml tubes, I think) models.  
I have the 36 well model.  The bid price is very attractive, and yields 
and specificity seem comparable to a P-E machine that's been in the 
department for a time.  It also operates at about the same speed on
ramps as the P-E.

Dick Hoffmann

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