Thermocycling machines

Fri Jul 31 12:38:17 EST 1992

Dear Netters,

We are thinking of buying a "Thermocycler" device for PCR aplications, but we
can't and won't paid $12,000 for the machine. So my questions are as follows:

1) Has anyone used a Crocodile II from Appligene?  Does it behave well under
heavy use? Any opinions?

2) Would anyone like to recommend a machine? I can spend $5,000, but less
would be much better.  The above Croc. II is about 1/2 that price.

3) I know it is not nice to pan a company's product, but are there machines
I should avoid?

Please respond to JOFTOPSM at and I will send a summary to
anyone who requests it. Thanks in advance.

Laura Via
"Always improve lab procedures, but help the new grad students figure out
 what was problematic with the old procedure before allowing them to buy aKIT."

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