S35- met labelling of proteins: URGENT

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Fri Jul 31 06:31:38 EST 1992

In a previous article, bchs1b at Elroy.UH.EDU (Michael Benedik) wrote:
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>>That's an open question, some additional details would help.  However, we
  ---- deleted ----->>
>Is that a typo by chance, 0.250 uCi per ml. I would think that
>250 uCi or (.250 mCi) would be more appropriate, although I am not an
>expert at labelling tissue culture cells. We use 100 uCi per ml for
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	Yes, yes, yes.... that was a typo and should be as you have stated. 
We use 250-500 uCi per ml for labeling.  My apologies to all involved!

	A second point that Martyn White (mkw6 at dayhoff.med.virginia.edu) 
brought to my attention is that 35S-met is volitile (sp?) and *hot* by 
products can escape from your flask and stick to your incubator.  This 
speaks from experience from having to clean out the incubator after it 
"lights up" with 35S counts detected by wipe tests :-)   He went on to 
suggest that flasks and plates are best enclosed in some sort of baggie to 
limit the spread of 35S compounds.  Heed this warning lest you spend half a 
day using contrad to clean out your incubator... ::grin::


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