Mutation Selection

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In article <1992Jul30.144803.34203 at>, herzer at writes:
>I would like to look at the mutation rate of certain strains of E. coli
>and am looking for genes within E. coli for which mutations could be
>screened for efficiently.  For example, a gene which aquires a mutation
>such that it does grow on a certain plate whereas the wild-type would
>die; or color difference, etc.  Any help would be most appreciated.
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There are a large number of these, for example resistance to 
nalidixic acid, rifampicin, valine and numerouse others. There is a chapter
on selectable phenotypes in the E. coli and Salmonella book 
(from ASM, edited by Neidhardt et al) in volume 2 which describes a large
number of such selectable markers and gives the references. But th e
bottom line is that there are hundreds (at least), although some do
depend on starting genotype.

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