Taq errors during PCR

Rick Wilson rick at GENEMAN.WUSTL.EDU
Wed Jul 29 08:29:38 EST 1992

>Does anyone know if misincorporations can be consistent?  If this was
>a problem it would be detected by sequencing the PCR product.
>-=] Steve [=-      AGOODRID at VAXA.WEEG.UIOWA.EDU

Pardon my incomplete response, but the answer to this question seems
to be yes.  After sequencing quite a bit of cloned PCR product, we've
observed that most Taq misincorporations seem to be T in place of C
(or was it C in place of T?, lost my notes & my memory!), or on the
complementary strand, A in place of G (with the same lost note/memory
caveat).  Anyways, consistent errors (inconsistencies??) seem to
predominate.  Hope this helps.

St. Louis

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