Short tailed mice

suleyman AYDIN D54 at EARN.TRANAVM1
Wed Jul 29 09:25:56 EST 1992

Does anyone know or heard about  mice which have very very short tails?
Recently I have some some mice (an intra-laboratory evolution??) having
short tails.  Short tails with blunt ends.  If they can manage to survive
I will try to breed them.. but if I can find extra utilities for them..if ...
Of course I wonder which chromosome and which band did mutated.. but I have
no facilities to do genetic analysis..
Is this the first report of "short tailed mice" in history?
suleyman AYDIN (student of pharmacology)
Medicinal Plants Res. Ctr., pharmacology lab.
d31 at tranavm1.bitnet (please... d54 is overloaded usually)
P.S.: tail lenghts are : 1.5 cm, 4 cm., 8 cm.. thogh not accurate, but circa..
      for your information..

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