Tracer Dyes in Agarose

Mon Jul 27 17:36:05 EST 1992

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> Hello. For some time I've been using a ficoll based loading
> solution for my agarose gels with both xylene cyanol and
> bromphenol blue added as tracer dyes. Recently, I saw an
> advertisement for a loading dye mix of three dyes used.
> When I called the company which sells these, they would not
> tell me what the dyes are. BUT, they told me that they are
> NOT the two mentioned above...So, I ask if anyone knows of
> any other dyes that can be used for this purpose? In particular
> I'm wondering if anyone uses a dye that migrates faster than the
> bromphenol blue front?
> Paul N. Hengen
(address deleted)

We use orange G (Sigma 1992 Catalog O 3756) in a ficoll based loading buffer we
call orange mix (OM): 20 % Ficoll
                      0.25 % orange G
                      20 mM EDTA

It runs faster than bromphenol blue.


Mati Reeben

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