Tracer Dyes in Agarose

ww40 William_D_WARREN at UMAIL.UMD.EDU
Mon Jul 27 16:43:00 EST 1992

>Hello. For some time I've been using a ficoll based loading
>solution for my agarose gels with both xylene cyanol and
>bromphenol blue added as tracer dyes.
     [Stuff deleted]           ...So, I ask if anyone knows of
>any other dyes that can be used for this purpose? In particular
>I'm wondering if anyone uses a dye that migrates faster than the
>bromphenol blue front?
>Paul N. Hengen
>National Cancer Institute
>Frederick Cancer Research and Development Center
>Laboratory of Mathematical Biology

I saw a recent article in Biotechniques about the use of alternative
dyes - The context of the article was that the BPB and XCYN, if added
to a PCR reaction prior to amplification will inhibit the reaction.
The study looked at an number of alternative dyes and additives to
increase the solution density and found (as I remember) that it is
possible to add sucrose and one or two of a number of dye alternatives
to a PCR reaction prior to thermocycling and then directly load the
samples onto an agarose gel.

Unfortunately I can't find the article -
but maybe there's another Bioboid out there who can supply the full
reference. Perhaps one of those mentioned in the article will have
the desired mobility that you need.

Good luck

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