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>Can anyone tell me of a source where I can find E.coli strains and 
>their genotypes?  Also are E. coli GM48 methylation defective (dam/dcm)? Many thanks  
>Shoumo Bhattacharya

You are likely to find such a list in the Maniatis 3-volume set or 
in the "Red Book (Protocols in Mol. Biol)"

Also, usually in the back of the catalogues of the Molecular Biology suppliers 
such as:
			BRL, p. 718
			Stratagene, p.237 = E.coli GM48
			New Eng. Biolabs, p.202, and so forth

	E. coli GM48 = thr, leu, thi-1, lacY, galK, galT, ara, tonA, tsx,
			**dam**, **dcm**, supE44.

hope this helps.
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