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In article <920721161723.21400d77 at>, WMELCHIOR at NTET.NCTR.FDA.GOV (Bill Melchior, NCTR/FDA) writes:
>I am considering putting a gene under lac control in pBR322, using the lac
>promoter from pOP95-5 (F. Fuller, Gene 19, 43-54 (82)).  I have a question
>(actually several, but I won't bother you with the others):  Fuller says that
>the gene should be placed "near" the 3' end of the promoter, but he doesn't
>say what "near" means, and I haven't been able to find out from any of the 
>other sources I've consulted.  Does anyone know what the acceptable range
>is for distances between, say, the "-10" region of the promoter and the
>Shine-Dalgarno sequence or the initiation codon?  (My gene has a native S-D 
>sequence and an initiation codon.  I'm not making a fusion protein.)  I 
>don't need super efficient expression, but do need some.
>Thanks, Bill
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It really depends upon what the sequence is in the spacer region. But you
do have the phenomenon of polarity in E.coli caused by transcribing regions
which are untranslated. A reasonable guess would be:
500 bp will probably be ok, but not always
100 bp should almost always be fine for reasonale expression
less than 50 probably ideal

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