Home-made PCR gems

Richard S Sucgang rss19 at cunixa.cc.columbia.edu
Sat Jul 18 14:17:55 EST 1992

In article <01GMHDD8X6MS000A02 at irri.cgnet.com> IYAP at IRRI.CGNET.COM writes:
>Our lab happened to have several bags of Paraplast (tissue embedding
>medium) lying around, so someone decided to test this.  He got
>great results.  Ordinary paraffin works good too, but the Paraplast
>is already in the form of pellets ready for use.  It also has
>DMSO, which probably helps.
>Noel Yap
>(Usual disclaimers apply)

I have found that the addition of DMSO generally increases the yeild 
of a PCR reaction, as well as the specificity. I do it in 10% DMSO final
concentration (high quality spectragrade, kept in aliquots at -80).
Previously, it would take 40 cycles to get my product. With DMSO,
a good band appears in only 20.

Well, PCR Gems help too :)

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