Sonic Digitizer Problems

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Thu Jul 16 22:06:53 EST 1992

                Dear Net-Land,

        Our lab recently purchased a Graf/Bar Mark II sonic digitiser from
SAC (Scientific Accesories Corporation). We are attempting to run it on an
IBM AT PC clone running DR DOS 5 using the shareware program, Digiseq, by Hal
B. Jenson. This was obtained by anonymous ftp from
(, a mirror for the EMBL ftp server, at the Weizmann Institute
of Science, Rehovot, Israel.

        Our problem is;

        Once we have read some sequence, we can not do anything with the
data, except read it on the screen. There seems to be no way that we can save
the sequence into a file for such things as printing or manipulation by

        Unfortunately, the instructions which come with the program, shed no
light on this matter. In fact, they are next to useless.
        I am hoping that someone out there has used this program before, has
gone through all the teething problems and has worked out how to use it
properly. If so, could you please e-mail me some idiot-proof instructions on
how to best use Digiseq. This would be greatly appreciated by the whole lab.

                                                        Alex Jeffries


Alex Jeffries                           waite07 at (
Dept. of Plant Sciences
Waite Agricultural Research Institute
The University of Adelaide                      phone;  61 8 372 2392
Glen Osmond, South Australia

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