Mabs to Protein Disulphide Isomerase

Dr Tan Tin Wee bchtantw at
Thu Jul 16 21:59:20 EST 1992

Dear all,

Can anyone point me to suppliers of monoclonal antibodies
directed against protein disulphide isomerase and 
glucose regulated protein GRP78?  I guess I may have to raise
them ourselves, but just in the off chance that somebody
has got them...  and also the purified grp or pdi as a positive
control would also be nice.

We are trying to quantitate the expression of these products
in hybridoma cells.  We might do the mRNA quantitation but
we prefer to look at the protein level first.  We hope to
correlate these levels with the increased production of
hybridoma antibodies in the presence of butyrate.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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