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>wrt EtOh pptn and AmOAc salting, 
>Am ions severely inhibit polynucleotide kinase, 
>are there any other salts which have similar effects
> on other commonly used enzymes? I include in this 
>category salts which co ppt with the DNA and thence inhibit enzymes.
>BTW, I only ever use NaAc for ppting DNA
>Mike Poidinger
>Dept of Microbiology
>University of Reading
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One of the advantages of using ammonium acetate is that it assist in 
removal of single nucleotides (and I think also small oligos). 
Certainly 2 successive etoh pptns with amm OAc as salt will remove in
excess of 95% of single nucleotides.

Robert Coelen
Dept of Microbiology

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