PCR artefacts

mike morris morris at medsun.unige.ch
Thu Jul 16 09:51:43 EST 1992

Keywords: PCR-microsatellites-streaks

	We are doing linkage analysis using microsatellite (TG repeat) polymorphisms. We PCR-amplify them, with one gamma-labelled primer, and then analyse them on sequencing gels. 
	We occasionally come across a strange artefact. One or more lanes on the gel will contain a homogeneous streak running from the well to the migration front, often with the "correct" bands behind. Curiously, the streak can appear in the "no template DNA" control sample. Our reactions are prepared on ice (we are about to try a "hot start").

	Does anybody else get this? Any ideas of what it is, or how to stop it?

Mike Morris
Medical Genetics
rainy Geneva

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