DNA chemistry

Mike Poidinger skspoidn at uk.ac.rdg.susssys1
Thu Jul 16 07:22:12 EST 1992

re many things, but especialy Scott Keeney's 
DNA chemistry lesson.

Firstly, and least importantly, my comments on
 EtOH pptn and salt etc were more to point out that
 not many mol biologists knew the reasons for them,
 rather than why they worked, in reference to the use of kits.

However, onto the extended topic:

It was always my impression that the 2' deoxy moiety on DNA
 was part of the stabilization of DNA duplexes (affecting 
aromatic base stacking), and part of the reason that DNA
 mainly forms a double stranded helix. RNA does not do so, 
for the opposite reason (a 2' OH group rather than H).

Is this true?

and b) why (in both a chemical and biological sense) 
are RNA/RNA and RNA/DNA hybrids more stable than DNA/DNA pairings,
 if the DNA helix is more stable than an RNA helix?

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