Basavareju Shankarappa bsh at MED.PITT.EDU
Wed Jul 15 17:33:47 EST 1992

I thank Dan Kim and Dave Haviland for their observations and share most of

I have one comment to make on the use of text books.  
I have learnt most of the basics of molecular biology from the
protocols in molecular biology (a.k.a  The red book).  I specially 
like the commentary following each section.  
I recommend this book to everyone before they start doing something

I think the Maniatis is more like a old fashion.  Many of their protocols
do not contain the required justification and I think they overlook many
recent alternative and shortened procedures.  Although I have a lot of
respect for their contribution to the molecular biology, I believe their
book does not command high praises.

Raj Shankarappa.

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