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>Hi netters:
>This probably isn't the place for this but I'm going to do it anyway.
>(I should put this on the Bionet.general board too!)
>  Does anyone have any
>information on how the likely presidential canidates stand toward the funding
>of science?
Probably sci.research is better. I have cross posted there and would
suggest moving the discussion to that venue for a broader treatment.

> I'm sure we know about G_B - we should call the group
>        george_bush.nih.cut.cut.cut
>But what of Clinton or Perot?  As far as Clinton goes, the *ONLY* thing I've
>seen was from "The Scientist" June 8, 1992, Vol 6#12 in which Clinton
>was praised for his state funding of science in AK.  Clinton's view of
>funding even has bi-partisain support in AK for what that's worth...  But, I
>should add, that is the ONLY place where I've seen anything in print.  Does
>anyone else have any information or thoughts?
>David L. Haviland
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It is unfortunate, considering how important science and technology is
to America's economic future, that this area is seldom mentioned in all
the campaign rhetoric. 

I am frustrated by a lack of information on where the candidates stand.
However, one very relevant piece of information is that Al Gore has
for several years been a major proponent of the National Research and
Education Network (NREN), intended as a major initiative to create
a nationally-funded fiber-optic network throughout the US, analogous to
the interstate highway system. 

Although I haven't heard a peep out of Perot on this subject, one would
think that the founder of EDS would have a keen appreciation of the 
competitive edge that such a network would give the US.

While I live in Canada, I am still an American voter. I too would like to
hear more about the candidates' positions on science and education issues.
Here's a great question to keep the ball rolling. Arkansas has the dubious
distinction of being one of the only states ever to pass a law requiring
equal time for creation and evolution in the public schools. Was Bill
governor at that time, and if so, did he take sides on that issue? Anybody
form AK out there who can tell us?

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