Solid phase sequencing primers

Bo Servenius, University of Lund, SWEDEN biogen10 at
Tue Jul 14 15:41:07 EST 1992

Hello Netters:

Just about to design some oligos with biotin for solid phase sequencing I have
some questions:

* Do they have to be nested in relation to the sequencing primers?

* Any advantages of preparing them longer than the usual seq primers? For
  example if the biotin oligos are not nested is it enough to extend it with
  some few bases in relationto the sequencing primers.

* Any commercial source for biotinylated primers other than the M13 ones.
  For example for gt10, 11 or pCDM8

* Best comercial source for the Biotin reagenses to be used on a PCRmate

* Any litterature references for how to design the biotin oligos

Further on in the same business. I have heard rumors about a protocol

describing solid phase sequencing of from plates punched out phages or
bacterial colonies? Published anywhere or could I get it over the net.

Many thanks in advance for any help

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