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Tue Jul 14 13:24:17 EST 1992

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>Hi netters:
>This probably isn't the place for this but I'm going to do it anyway.
>(I should put this on the Bionet.general board too!)  Does anyone have any
>information on how the likely presidential canidates stand toward the funding
>of science?  I'm sure we know about G_B - we should call the group
>        george_bush.nih.cut.cut.cut
>But what of Clinton or Perot?  As far as Clinton goes, the *ONLY* thing I've
>seen was from "The Scientist" June 8, 1992, Vol 6#12 in which Clinton
>was praised for his state funding of science in AK.  Clinton's view of
>funding even has bi-partisain support in AK for what that's worth...  But, I
>should add, that is the ONLY place where I've seen anything in print.  Does
>anyone else have any information or thoughts?

>David L. Haviland
>haviland at

I would like to remind everyone that the bionet newsgroups are
supported by federal funds and lobbying on behalf of (or against)
political candidates is strictly forbidden.  While some of your
message above is factual, you are already starting to express opinions
on at least one of the candidates.  If you want to express opinions
about candidates, please take them to talk.politics or alt.politics
and not elsewhere in the bionet domain.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation!!


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