HeLa cells

Dennis J. Templeton djt2 at po.CWRU.Edu
Mon Jul 13 15:38:30 EST 1992

In a previous article, BACKD at QUCDN.QueensU.CA () says:

>     HEnrietta LAch her name. ( 31-year-old AfroAmerican)
>  REF: Gey, G.O., Coffman, W.D. & Kubicek, M.T. (1952) Cancer Res. 12, 364.
>Don Back

Good job Don for accuracy!  For years, it was common "knowledge" that her
name was Helen Lane.  

For what it's worth, the prestigious journal Rolling Stone did a story on
these cells maybe a dozen years ago.  The tone of the article was derisive,
about how sloppy scientists  are to get  their cell lines contaminated etc.
They made the point about her name as another example of "bad science"


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