*FREE* tritiated water

Kath Mayne kamayne at vaxsar.vassar.edu
Fri Jul 10 11:46:01 EST 1992


Please forward this note to any collegue at ANY school or other

I have a large amount (1.5 curies) of tritiated (radioactive) water that I
would like to GIVE to some lab that can use it.  It is worth over $500 if
bought new, but will cost us about $5000 to discard as radioactive waste.
We'd rather spend the money on shipping it to someone who will use it.  So,
could you ask around and ask your friends there to ask around for anyone
who uses the stuff?  Could you ask someone in your radioactive safety
office if there are users at your institution that you may not know of?

The particulars on the tritiated water:
-Still in original sealed vials from NEN/Dupont
-Bought in 1979-80 as 2.9 Curies, so it is now about 1.5 curies.  The NEN
technical people say that the tritium decay should not affect the water
Configuration: (before decay)
4 vials,        0.5 grams each (0.5 ml) 500 mCi         2000 mCi total
9 vials,        1.0 grams each (1 ml)   100 mCi         900 mCi total

Kath Mayne
Vassar College Biology Department
Poughkeepsie, NY  12601

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