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In article <9207082035.AA20353 at welchgate.welch.jhu.edu> danj at WELCHGATE.WELCH.JH
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>David Steffen writes:
>> .....If the description contained alot more key
>>words, the source would be easier to find.  Off the top of my head I
>>would like to see bionet, Kristofferson, biology, molecular biology,
>>perhaps a list of all of the bionet newsgroup names and the mailing
>>list names, etc, included in the description.  I firmly believe this
>>would be desireable; would it be easy to do?
>Yes it would be quite easy to do.  THe description of the source is up to the
>creator of the source, in this case the folks at IG who have been so good abou
>creating this resource for us to use/search.  The folks at think.com are quite
>aware that many of the source files are lacking in descriptive content and are
>VERY supportive of anyone who is trying to improve the source descriptions.
>It`s really quite easy to do - just add a description to the end of the source

>file - in this case it would look like this:
(rest of comments deleted)

As the person who started this brief discussion with my question, I've got one
additional comment relative to the ease of finding needed information. (And
thanks to both David Steffen and Dan Jacobson for pointing me in the right
direction.) The problem I had using WAIS, was that in searching the directory
of servers with the key word "bionet", I came up empty. It seems to me that I
should (in the best of all possible worlds) have been able to get a hit on the
biosci server since the source description (when I finally got to look at it),
did say that it contained an archive of bionet files. I did get back a
catalogue of servers that I had to go through one-by-one, picking out the ones
that looked promising. As Dave Steffen indicated, for some reason the biosci
server name didn't ring a bell (perhaps because it was preceded in the list by
several "bionic-" servers). So, is it possible to have WAIS search for keywords
in the source description, as well as for the name of the server? Or can it
already do that, but I just didn't know how to perform that search? (I used an
LWAIS server that was recently installed here at Ohio State).

(None of this is to denigrate either WAIS or the people who set it up. Once I
knew a little bit more about where to look, it performed wonderfully.)

Tom Sims
tsims at magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu

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