David Steffen steffen at mbcr.bcm.tmc.edu
Wed Jul 8 11:58:25 EST 1992

Dan Jacobson writes:

>The WAIS source that you need to search in order to find bionet posts is 
>the biosci.src and is as follows:
>   :description "This database contains an archive of articles posted 
>to the BIOSCI mailing lists and newsgroups since 1989.

  Right; I emailed similar information to Tom Sims, the person who was
having trouble locating this source.  As I did so, however, I was
reminded of my feeling that the description field for this source
could be alot more helpful.  I wonder if it could be improved?

  I firmly think that one of the secrets of dealing with the massive
amounts of information made available by computers is not trying to
know everything, but rather knowing how to find it; e.g.  gopher,
archie, wais, ...  Thus, rather than desperately saving every wais
source that one might ever conceivably need, one just saves the
directory of servers, and retrieves sources when one first needs them.

  On a couple of occasions I have had to retrieve the biosci source
from the directory of servers (e.g. to install it on a new machine)
and each time I have found it difficult to find.  For some reason,
biosci doesn't ring bells for me, nor did it for the person who first
raised this question.  If the description contained alot more key
words, the source would be easier to find.  Off the top of my head I
would like to see bionet, Kristofferson, biology, molecular biology,
perhaps a list of all of the bionet newsgroup names and the mailing
list names, etc, included in the description.  I firmly believe this
would be desireable; would it be easy to do?

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