Previous thread on hybridzation ovens

Thomas L Sims tsims at
Tue Jul 7 16:24:40 EST 1992

Dear Netters,

A while back there was a thread on this newsgroup concerning people's
opinions/experiences on hybridization ovens. Naturally, I neglected to save the
articles at the time, and now I'd like them. I've tried doing previous-article
searches on Usenet, and a WAIS search of a number of databases I found on the
WAIS list of servers, but no luck.

Did anyone save this thread that could mail it to me, or that I could access by
FTP? Tips on possibly using gopher to search would also be appreciated (we
don't have a gopher server here, according to the local consultant, so I'd have
to set it up on my own machine-PC clone-or telnet to a public site).

Reply by email to

tsims at

or post to the net if you think others would be interested.


Tom Sims

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