aerosol block pipet tricks

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Tue Jun 30 17:16:47 EST 1992

Hello group:

I was looking at an ad for aerosol-block pipet tips, and they look like little
chromatography columns to me.  Has anyone tried to make a mini-spin column from
one of them?  How about this?  Bind DNA to glass in NaI, then filter through an
aerosol-block yellow tip, then do the washes through the tip by vacuum.  This
may be of some advantage for a large number of small samples if the tips are
kept in their rack and the rack modified to become a vacuum manifold.  Is this
a stupid idea?  I don't know myself,  but I ordered a box of them and I'm going
to try it out.

How about TCA precipitations onto the frit of the pipets?  Afterwards, the
precipitated material can be solubilized in NaOH/SDS and applied to a Beckman
Redi-Cap solid scintillant, eliminating the need for LSC cocktail.  This could
be of some use to me here at Los Alamos Nat'l Lab, since we are constrained
from producing "mixed hazardous radioactive waste", which often includes hot

Any other ideas?

Daniel Kim

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