More on technical support by E-mail.

Mon Jun 29 17:21:44 EST 1992

Dear Netmates.

Having noticed the traffic on the net regarding tech support by
biology related companies by E-mail, I came up with the following idea:

We, all together, can establish with time, a cummulated database of
tech support E-mail addresses and gateways to them. This database, when
practical enough, can be placed in one of the convinient gopher holes
for the bennefit of the whole scientific community.
The availability of such a database, may even drive more firms to set-up
an E-mail account devoted to tech support.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe nothing like that currently
If you support this idea, and you posses any data which may help, you
may post it over the net, or Email it directly to me (perhaps this is even
better), I volunteer to collect and summarise the addresses, and to
correspond with the appropriate SysOps in order to get this thing up and

Best wishes, Benny.
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