Michael W. Smith mws%molly at SDSC.EDU
Fri Jun 26 16:55:01 EST 1992

Fellow sequencers,

     We are about to start sequencing a lot of cosmid ends.  Our past
experience has been spotty success in our sequencing efforts.  I would
like a few suggestions as to how we can improve our success rate.  
Here are a few specific questions:

1.  Has anyone out there sequenced cosmids directly on an ABI machine??
    [ABI was able to sequence cosmid DNA in teir research labs but I'm
    not sure if it was on an average (best) day.]
    If so, how much DNA?      with terminators or labeled primers??
    Any other suggestions.

2.  Rumors have it that restricted cosmid DNA sequences better than
    uncut DNA.  I have seen no difference in a few tries.  Does anyone
    care to comment?  

3.  We probably will be sequencing most of these cosmid manually, so any
suggestions to increase our success rate would be appreciated.

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