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>>-Don't let people smoke in the vicinity as there is RNase in the
>> smoke particles (so I've heard).
>Does anyone out there know of a study about RNase or any other enzyme,
>protein, or virus that can hitch a ride on smoke particles?

I don't know If it's 100% true (and I don't want to find out!!) but the litany 
is that TMV (tobacco mosaic virus) is carried by smoke particles. It's pretty 
standard procedure (for all sorts of good reasons) to ban smoking in 
greenhouses. TMV infects most all Solanaceae (tobacco, tomato, Petunia, potato)
and I can tell you from painful personal experience that it's a real 
pain-in-the-a** to get TMV infection through your research plants. You can get 
rid of it, but it's a pain.

Tom Sims

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