paramagnetic particles

Paul N Hengen pnh at
Wed Jun 24 14:20:53 EST 1992

In article <3454 at> cjs at writes:

>I too, have just ordered these magnetic beads and kind of assumed
>that the information requested by Paul Hengen would be included in
>the package, since it isn't could someone please post a response...
>	Thank you
>		Caryl Schwartzbach

The paramagnetic particles are supplied by Advanced Magnetics, Inc.
1-800-343-1346; however, the specs from Advanced Magnetics do not apply
for some reason. I think the beads are further diluted after Promega
gets them. Also, these beads are a different size than the Dynal
Dynabeads M-280 Streptavidin so don't be fooled into thinking they're
all the same, ie. different size = different binding capacity.

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