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> Dear Netlanders,
> 	We're currently having a problem with our protein gels.  Recently our
> gels have been showing beautiful resolution at the top of the gel but have
> been extremely fuzzy at the bottom.  We're using standard SDS-PAGE and have
> re-made all of our solutions but the problem persists.  We have reason however
> to suspect that our bis-acrylamide may be defective.
> 	Has anyone else had this problem???  Any suggestions? A month ago
> the gels were perfect and now all of a sudden they're not.  We're confused to
> say the any and all suggestions are welcomed.  Thanks in advance.
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Two things that gave me similar problems were:

(1) The pH of the running buffer drifting too far. This can be caused by the
wrong pH to start with, or insufficient buffer capacity in the lower reservoir. 
Changing the buffer can help.

(2) Cruddy SDS. It may pay to check your source of SDS, put more in the gel
and/or put more in the running buffer. I would guess this is the more likely
cause given the sudden appearance of the problem.

Hope you find a fix.

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