Gel Dryer Vacum Pump (Vendor)

Daniel Jay Enebo dje at
Thu Jun 18 12:54:31 EST 1992

I recieved a large number of requests for the source of the self-contained wat
er aspirator vacum pump, and as I promised here is were we got it.
BioResources     913-649-2452
ATR              800-827-5931
The pump is called the HETO SUE30 Water Aspirator Pump.  They have several mod
els for various uses but get at least the model 30 for gel dryers (the model 3
 just doesn't do the job).
The Price was ~$500 US but I hear that due to demand the price is up to ~$600.
The info is presented with the usual disclaimers (I don't work for HETO, ATR, 
or Bioresources, I'm just a VERY satisfied customer).
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