Gel Dryer Vacum Pumps (Cont.)

Daniel Jay Enebo dje at
Wed Jun 17 20:50:58 EST 1992

>>Take the gel dryer and hook it to your regular faucet aspirator. A
>>flask to trap backflow is a good idea. 

>>I dried a gel(sequencing) this way today and it was just fine, same time and
>>dryness as with the gigantic floorstanding pump we normally use. We
>>have a relatively new BioRad dryer so of course your mileage may vary.
>>This sure beats destroying one of those nice compact pumps by using it
There is a solution to this problem.  A company form the Netherlands (Heto) ma
kes water aspirator pumps that are self contained.  You just put a little wate
r in the base and your ready to go.  It's worked great for gel drying without 
worrying about cold traps etc.  The pump costs about $500.
If anyone is interested I can post the address of the US distributor (I'll hav
e to did it up)
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