Mammalian Exon Size: Upper Limit

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In article <1992Jun10.063428.111224 at> khofmann at writes:
>What is the size of the smallest introns found in higher eukaryotes?
>I would imagine that, considering current knowledge of the splicing
>process, there should be a definitive lower limit for intron lengths.
>or, more generalized, where do those kind people who answer those questions
>get their figures from? Is there any kind of computer program available,
>scanning the databases and giving information of the type mentioned above?
>        Kay

Try the FEATURES program in the XYLEM package. FEATURES can extract any
feature, either by label or feature key, from a set of GenBank entries.
In this case, retrieval using the feature key 'intron' would create a 
file containing all introns from a set of GenBank entries. See README
in pub/psgendb at ( for more information.

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