RNA characterization

cjs at canctr.mc.duke.edu cjs at canctr.mc.duke.edu
Thu Jun 11 09:49:58 EST 1992

Fellow netters-
	I am currently analyzing the expression of a particular gene by
Northern analysis, however instead of getting the expected band in some
of the individuals tested I am also getting an extremely large band
which I wish to further characterize to see if it is an alternately
processed form of the gene. The band which I am seeing is larger than
the 28S marker and could be about 10K, but it is difficult to estimate.
	Does anyone have any literature references or experience in
characterizing a band from a Northern?  Is it possible to PCR in the
(rTthPol) an excised band or does it need to be run in a non-denaturing
gel? Will a non-denaturing gel work with such a large piece of RNA?
Someone in our lab suggested blotting to PolyU paper and PCR off of that?
Does anyone know of this techniqueor references for this?
	I would appreciate any assitance that you could give me...

		Thanx in advance-
			Caryl Schwartzbach

CJS at canctr.mc.duke.edu

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