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Klaus Schumann [Biologie] schumann at rhrk.uni-kl.de
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>Dear Net,

>Bickar and Reid have recently published an new way for reversibly staining 
>Western Blots for total protein (Anal Bioch 203,109,1992) using the dye 
>Copper phthalocyanine 3,4',4",4'"-tetrasulfonic acid tetrasodium salt (CPTS
>The main advantage over Ponceau S seems to be that the dye produces a blue 
>colour which is much easier to record photographically.

>I am interested in trying this and have two questions:

>a) Has anyone on the net already tried this protocol.  If so, what are your 

>b) Can anyone recommend a supplier of this dye?  Bickar and Reid got theirs 
>from Aldrich, but they have none left, and cannot get any more for at least 
>4-5 weeks.  Sigma sell something similar (the sulphonic acids aren't 
>specified as being on the 3,4'4"4'") but their technical people tell me 
>that this is not the right stuff.

>Thanks for your help.

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I saw in a newsletter from Bio Rad that they have a copper stain for 
protein electrophoresis. They sell it as a 10x solution (125ml), the   
order number is 161-0471. Maybe you can call and ask for price and if it is
equivalent to the stuff you are looking for.

Maybe this helps and best wishes

Klaus Schumann
Fachbereich Biologie
Uni Kaiserslautern
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schumann at rhrk.uni-kl.de

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