Gel drying pumps (was:Sequence gel fixing query..)

Dennis J. Templeton djt2 at po.CWRU.Edu
Tue Jun 9 16:56:36 EST 1992

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>In article <1992Jun8.181537.11321 at>, djt2 at po.CWRU.Edu (Dennis J. Templeton) writes:
>> this is the only gel dryer pump to consider.  Trust me.
>	We also used Savant's pump VP-100 for two more years and it gave us 
>troubles sometimes due to the rusty inside the pump. You have to clean the
>pump regularly with their flush fluid to avoid the oil backs off from the pump
>into the tube. We also have the trap bottles broken several times without
>obvious reasons. They cost about 120$ apiece.
>					Ming Cao

Major confusion here...

We were talking about Savants GelDrying pump (GP-100) that is teflon 
lined and trouble free.

The VP-100 is a conventional high-vacuum pump that we use for a speed 
vac and a make-shift lyophilizer. Overall, we have been happy with this 
pump too, but if you dry gels with it you may have "conventional" problems too.
If you are getting oil back-up, I suspect a bad procedure... like shutting 
off the vacuum before releasing vacuum.  This can fill a speed-vac 
full of oil as you  return blithely to your bench.

We have not broken a trap bottle in two years of use.

good luck,


Disclaimer:  Savant promised to send me $20 if I wrote this ;=)

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