Homemade PCR gems

gstuart at ac.dal.ca gstuart at ac.dal.ca
Tue Jun 9 13:37:44 EST 1992

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It's me again. I'm afraid that was my first posting and a bit of it
got chopped off. To continue, your PCR rxn can be retrieved by
poking a Pipetman tip through the hardened wax (caution - may 
squirt) or by adding ~ 50 microliters of CHCL3, and briefly
heating the tubes to melt the wax. Immediately centrifuge the
tube - the wax/CHCL3 will form a pellet at the bottom of the
> In the PCR machine the wax will start to melt @ ~50C and will be completely melted at ~70C. 
> the PCR rxn.
> One should test the wax alone to ensure it (minus DNA) doesn't give PCR product. 
> Let me know if it works/helps!

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