20X TBE without ppt?

John Nash num208jn at MBDS.NRC.CA
Tue Jun 9 07:54:08 EST 1992

In article <92161.002546GERLACHJ at QUCDN.QueensU.CA>, Jim Gerlach <GERLACHJ at QUCDN.QueensU.CA> writes:
>My grad student recalls an article that told how to make 20X TBE stock without
>having it precipitate within a short while. She thinks it required changing
>pH slightly. Does anyone have info on this or any other recommendations for
>solving the precipitation problem?
>Thanx in advance, Jim

G'day Jim...

I remember the article, but not the reference.  What I do is make it
but I don't pH it (it comes out to approx 7.8 in my hands).  Then I
put it through a (Nalgene) .45 um filter.  Apparently dust and stuff
causes it to precipitate, and filtration reduces that likelihood.  My
20X stock will last for months if I remove TBE stock with a pipette. 
When I pour it out of the bottle, I have to be careful -if the crust
which forms on the rim of the bottle falls back in, it causes the
buffer to get the precipitate ;-(

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